Community surveys Perinatal Experiences in women of color (open now).

We want to better understand the infant feeding experiences of parents. We want to know where they’re finding support and what challenges they’re facing. We hope to improve support and remove barriers. Our goal is to help more babies receive the healthiest start in life.

We are asking you to participate in a small group interview. It will include 5 to 6 participants. It will take about 1 hours. You do not need to answer any question that you do not wish to answer. You may leave the interview at any time if you change your mind about participating. The interview will be recorded. If you withdraw, your answers will not be used. You will not be penalized if you don’t participate or decide to stop. If you finish the interview, you’ll be given a $50 stipend. Your answers will be written down. If needed, your answers will be translated into English. We will compile your answers, along with others’ answers, into a summary. The summary will not have any information that could be used to identify you.

If you interested, please email us

Discuss Donor Milk Education for the Islamic Community 10/05/2023 from 12 pm to 2pm. We will have 5 scholars to answer questions.

Patient and Provider Perspectives and Experiences of Specialized Fetal Care 09/27/2023